The trail between Wiarton and Tobermory offers some of the most spectacular scenery in Canada!  The views of white cliffs, green foliage and contrasting deep blue

Georgian Bay water is breathtaking.


The Peninsula Bruce Trail Club conserves, maintains and promotes

this iconic section of the Bruce Trail.  Included in our charge are such

quintessential properties as the Vanishing Stream Nature Reserve,

McIver Wetland, Boundary Bluffs, Chris Walker Nature Reserve, 

Otter Lake Nature Reserve, and the Light Nature Reserve.


Help our efforts by selecting membership in the Peninsula Club for your "Home".



Your donation can help protect and maintain, in perpetuity, the unique natural diversity of the Niagara Escarpment conservation corridor which is accessible via the Bruce Trail.  

Many people don't realise the Bruce Trail is still vulnerable to development.


The Bruce Trail Conservancy is working to conserve this corridor by receiving donations of land or by purchasing land.


Volunteering allows you to choose from a variety of opportunities at various levels of commitment. 

There is a place for you!  

Check out a few of our volunteer choices

below. Then get in touch with us

to be matched with the perfect position.


Hike Leaders

Show your love of the trail.  Lead hikes for members and non-members; set the routes and set the pace.  


If you have a special interest and would like to share your knowledge on a hike we want to hear from you. Let us provide support while you reveal new aspects of the trail for hikers, e.g. Birding, botany, geology etc.

Trail Captains

Maintenance of the Bruce Trail involves visiting your section (approx. 2 - 5 km long) with the purpose of keeping the trail clear and passable for hikers. Duties include renewing painted blazes and clipping back branches.  Also involved is reporting downed trees and other trail concerns through an on-line bi-annual Trail Status Report. 

Land Stewards

Each year the BTC spends from $1 to $2 million on land purchases, preserving hundreds of acres of Escarpment landscape and Bruce Trail corridor forever.

Under the Club's auspices, twice a year, you walk and assess some of the most vulnerable landscapes to ensure that they are cared for.

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