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Hike It! Love It! Keep It Clean! Community Science Project 2023

In response to an increase in litter along the Bruce Trail and building on a successful pilot project completed in 2021 in the Peninsula  section, the Bruce Trail Conservancy (BTC) launched the Hike it, Love it, Keep it Clean! project in the summer of 2022, with the goal of cleaning up the Bruce Trail and learning more about the litter that is ending up on the trail.

Did you know the top three littered items on the Bruce Trail include

  • Plastic – mostly single use food and beverage containers

  • Cigarette butts and smoking related items

  • Paper pieces of all types


Peninsula Bruce Trail Club (PBTC) is committed to using a Community Science approach as we continue to collect, sort and submit our litter collection data to Bruce Trail Conservancy.

In 2023, PBTC Litter Ambassador Volunteers and PBTC Trail Ambassadors will focus on key hot spot areas for group clean ups and support individual volunteers to collect, sort litter and send their litter data to BTC. BTC will analyse the data in Fall 2023.

Trash Pick-Up

Our project goals include

  • To improve cleanliness of the Bruce Trail

  • To learn more about the location and type of litter on the Bruce Trail

  • To increase awareness about the impact of litter on our natural environment

  • To emphasize the importance of reducing single use plastic

  • To raise awareness cigarette butts are not biodegradable and can be recycled

Sorted Litter and 'The Prized Litter Find.jpg

During the 2023 season, we need your help! Volunteer as a PBTC Litter Ambassador. In person training regarding safe pickup practices, litter sorting, data recording and submitting is available. Volunteer vests and litter pickup supplies are provided.

It’s fun, a great way to meet others and being outdoors is always a special treat! Be part of the movement! Every small action helps make big change!

Helping Hands

There are four important ways you can help.

  • Volunteer PBTC Litter Ambassador for a specific section of the Bruce Trail in our section.

  • Volunteer as a PBTC Litter Ambassador at PBTC Community Litter Pickup Events. Our Community Events are listed here: (see attachment). Check regularly for updates.

  • Volunteer to develop innovative and interactive games for community engagement at litter pickup events and displays.

  • Support our community partners at their litter events, when possible. Other Peninsula Community Litter Events are organized by: (see attachment). Check regularly for updates.

Litter Pickup
Supplies and orientation provided.
Bring your lunch and stay after the Cleanups for
The Trash Talk Café

We need volunteers. Interested?
Contact Marg:

Putting Garbage Bag

First Hike It! Love It! Keep It Clean! Litter Event: Saturday, May 6 from  10am to 1pm. McCurdy Parking Lot,89 Moore St, Lion's Head, ON N0H 1W0

Regular PBTC clean-up events will be held at various Bruce Trail locations on the Saugeen Peninsula throughout the summer. Check PBTC FB and Instagram for future dates.

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