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Loop Hike at Boundary Bluffs; Beaver Baffle, Ancient Cedars, Daffodils, Panoramic View

I experienced this trail in the spring and again in the fall and was impressed with the beauty, variety and hiking challenges all packed into less than a two hour, 5 kilometer long loop.

Boundary Bluffs Loop is described in the BTC Reference Hike Guide 28 (pg 36-2) as strenuous with glorious views from the bottom and top of the escarpment. Now that should alert you that it is not just a walk on the edge of field, but also a great work out which of course rewards the hiker with panoramic views.

One of the appeals to me (other than the bear noted in the guide) is the display of daffodils in early May. As we learned during the Settlement Hike at the Tobermory Hiking Festival, sometimes the only evidence of pioneer homesteading is the plants and shrubs that continue to thrive.

Try to see the field of yellow, crossed by the Boundary Bluffs ST, before the flowers fade. Starting from the Pitt SR parking lot continue down the hill to the beaver pond where you will notice a beaver baffle. This is a water management program of our stewardship team to stop the trail from flooding caused by a dam. The design includes a culvert with a secure inlet.

The gentle ascent of the escarpment takes you past an information station that points out the ancient cedars. Then with a little scrambling you are on top – feast on the view!

Follow the Hart’s Tongue ST to the top of a sturdy steel staircase. Take the Main Trail down the stairs and make the slippery-when-wet descent to the Cape Croker Park. Here you will find the Boundary Bluffs ST trail head and blue blazes that lead you back around the field with a great view of what you accomplished.

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