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8" x 10"    watercolour    on wood panel - protective sealant


Arlene was born and raised in rural Prince Edward County.  Surrounded by her 5 creative siblings she began creating at an early age. A twenty year career in Cartography was followed by a decade of Arts Management all the while creating Art. She is drawn to nature - and things from the past --  old buildings - old alleyways - landscapes -  places that time has passed by.  Feel free to visit her website - Commissions are always welcome. Arlene's paintings are displayed at the Owen Sound Artists' Co-Op and the Craig Gallery in Meaford, ON, as well as Etsy.

Peregrine Falcon by Arlene Saunders

  • Artwork Description

    We see the Peregrine Falcon on occassion where we live in Walters Falls - This particular image was taken from a reference photo by a childhood friend -- Robert Hubbs - his photography continues to inspire me.

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