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Cottrill Lake Side Trail 
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This side trail officially opened on May 18, 2002. It is named after Gord Cottrill, who was a Property Manager for the Ministry of Natural Resources in the Owen Sound office for over 30 years. Throughout his career he had been a strong supporter of the Bruce Trail, and had done much to assist the Bruce Trail in its securing of the optimum trail route.  When there was not a local Bruce Trail Club, Gord proposed the establishment of the trails around Cyprus Lake. In the 1980’s he assisted with the transfer of Cyprus Lake Provincial Park to Parks Canada.  Whenever the club had a suggestion for a trail relocation onto MNR land, Gord listened carefully and usually gave his approval. He regarded the Bruce Trail "as a symbol of health", both physically and psychologically.

When he retired in 2002, the Peninsula Club thought that his contribution should be remembered by the naming of this trail after him. Not only did they name the side trail, they also named the lake after him!​

Upon his retirement Gord concluded a letter to some Peninsula BTC members, “Thank you for your friendship and may the results of all our efforts protect the Bruce Trail and the Escarpment forever”.

We are all the benefactors of his career of achievements. The Bruce Trail is a result of partnerships- of volunteers, of private landowners, and of public employees.  The trail signs will continue to recognize the Cottrill name, and we in the Bruce Trail will not forget a person who worked constructively with us to help achieve the goal of protecting the land and securing the optimum route.

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