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Bruce Peninsula Day Hike Guide

2014 Version

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Bruce Penininsula Day Hike Guide 2010

Your most up-to-date guide for safe hiking on Peninsula trails, the Peninsula Day Hike Guide provides the following information:

  • A set of 8 maps at scale 1:50,000 showing the main Bruce Trail and all side trails from Wiarton to Tobermory.
  • The maps were created using current GPS and GIS technology in co-operation with the Bruce Trail Conservancy.
  • Dozens of linear and loop hikes are described for short or all-day outings. See samples below.
  • Linear hikes follow only the main (white-blazed) Bruce Trail, starting at one point and ending at another.
  • Loop hikes combine side trails (blue blazes) with the main Trail to begin and end at the same access.
  • Note that hikes can be traveled in the opposite direction as described, but take extra care to watch for signs and blazes.
  • Over 40 access points, as well as parking areas, and on-trail campsites are shown.
  • In addition to the length, hikes are given ratings for level of difficulty.
  • Safety tips and suggestions for getting the most enjoyment from your Day Hike experience.
  • Locations of health care facilities and emergency telephone numbers.
  • Background notes on the Niagara Escarpment and the Bruce Trail Conservancy are included.

PBTC’s 2014 Bruce Peninsula Day Hike Guide includes any trail changes completed up to that date. See below for a list of local outlets and other ways to obtain the guide.

The 2014 edition features the following:

  • Map 8 – A major reroute was completed in June 2009 from Little Cove to Dunks Bay;
  • Map 2 – The new Boundary Bluffs Side Trail, opened in October 2009, lies adjacent to the Cape Croker Indian Park and opens several new loop possibilities.
  • New side trails were also opened in 2009 at Rush Cove (map 3) and Lions Head (map 4).
  • In the past two years there have been many small reroutes on the main Trail, and one side trail closure will have been completed on map 5 by May.
  • We expect at least one new side trail to be added this spring.
  • All trails are now printed in colour for added clarity.

The maps were created using the latest digital G.I.S. and G.P.S. technology, in co-operation with the Bruce Trail Conservancy.

How To Get Your Set of Maps - 3 ways

1) Local Outlets - As of 2014 sets are available for sale at various outlets throughout the Bruce Peninsula. Check list here.

2) Hike Leaders - Guides may also be purchased from hike leaders at PBTC organized hikes for $10.00 (including tax) or at a special rate of $7.00 to BTC members.

3) Mail (Canada Post) - See details here.


SPECIAL NOTE: Follow Blazes - No matter what these, or any other, maps show, always follow the blazes and signs. Why? The Trail is frequently rerouted for environmental, access or safety reasons.

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